Note on the production of JRA55-do-v1.5

General description

It has been reported that lots of tropical cyclones have wrong sign of rotation in the JRA-55 analysis, on which JRA55-do is based. JRA55-do has been inevitably affected. Since the JRA-55 team does not have a plan to re-run the reanalysis, the developer of JRA55-do is replacing the surface atmospheric fields around the erroneous tropical cyclones of JRA55-do with those from 20CRv3. There could be other choices, but our choice here is based on the consideration that a backward extension of the entire dataset may occur in the future utilizing 20CRv3. A report the merged dataset is presented for each erroneous tropical cyclone below. An OMIP-2 type experiment forced with this version using the MRI model indicates that the overall effect of this correction is very minor.

Reference Manual

User guide of JRA55-do-v1.5 is available from here.

Examples of corrected fields

Each problematic tropical cyclone, the corrected fields (sea level pressure and surface wind vector) around the problematic tropical cyclone are presented below for JRA55-v1.3 (same for v1.4), JRA55-v1.5, and 20CRv3. The erroneous analysis occurred around the central position of each figure in JRA55-do-v1.3. Dates/positions of erroneously represented tropical cyclones are listed in the following: In IDs for tropical cyclones, TCYYYY-##(E,L),

1959-10E   1967-01L   1967-02L   1967-03L   1967-04L   1967-05L   1967-06L   1967-07L   1967-08L   1967-09L   1967-10L   1967-15L   1967-16L   1967-17L   1967-20L   1967-22L   1967-23L   1967-24L   1967-26L   1968-13L   1969-14L   1970-06L   1971-02L   1971-03L   1971-05L   1971-07L   1971-10L   1971-15L   1971-20L   1972-04L   1972-07L   1973-11L   1973-13L   1973-17L   1974-03L   1974-05L   1974-08L   1974-16L   1975-05L   1975-06L   1975-11L   1975-16L   1975-18L   1975-20L   1975-21L   1976-16L   1976-19L   1977-01L   1977-02L   1977-09L   1977-15L   1978-02L   1978-07L   1978-14L   1978-18L   1979-01L   1979-10L   1979-17L   1979-19L   1980-01L   1980-02L   1981-04L   1981-05L   1981-07L   1981-08L   1981-12L   1981-17L   1984-01L   1984-02L   1984-09L   1984-17L   1986-04L   1986-07L   1987-08L   1987-09L  
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