JRA-55 based surface dataset for driving ocean-sea ice models (JRA55-do)

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Unfortunately, the updating of JRA55-do was discontinued on 31 January 2024, as JRA-55, on which JRA55-do is based, terminated its service.
Thank you very much for using this dataset!
The dataset covering the entire period (01Jan1958-01Feb2024) will be archived and soon available from input4MIPs as version 1.6.0. Contents will not be changed from v1.5.0 and v1.5.0.1.


JRA55-do (Tsujino et al., 2018) is a surface dataset for driving ocean-sea ice models and used in phase 2 of OMIP (OMIP-2). JRA55-do corrects the atmospheric reanalysis product JRA-55 (Kobayashi et al., 2015) using satellite and other atmospheric reanalysis products. The merits of JRA55-do are the high horizontal resolution (~55 km) and temporal interval (3 h). An assessment by Tsujino et al. (2020) implies that JRA55-do can suitably replace the current CORE/OMIP-1 dataset.

Dataset status, versions, and history

Latest version (version 1.5)

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About errors of JRA-55 that necessitated the production of JRA55-do-v1.5

The original problem is that lots of tropical cyclones are found to have wrong sign of rotation in the JRA-55 analysis, on which JRA55-do is based. JRA55-do has been inevitably affected. Dates/positions of erroneously represented tropical cyclones are listed in the following:

About production of JRA55-do-v1.5 as a merged JRA55-do-v1.3 and 20CRv3 dataset


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The resources to maintain this page are kindly provided by Masayoshi Ishii of MRI. The JRA55-do project is a project separated from the JRA-55 project conducted by Japan Meteorological Agency. Feedback should be directed to the authors of the description paper (Tsujino et al. 2018), not to the contact of the JRA-55 project.