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Planning for adaptation to global warming will be based on impact assessments of disasters, agriculture, water resources, ecosystems, human health, and so on, in each region. For each impact assessment, detailed projections of extreme events such as heavy rainfall, heat wave, drought, and strong wind are required at the regional scale as well as projections of climatological temperature and precipitation. An unprecedentedly large ensemble of climate simulations with a 60 km atmospheric general circulation model and dynamical downscaling with a 20 km regional climate model have been performed to obtain probabilistic future projections of low-frequency local-scale events. The simulation outputs are open to the public as a database called “Database for Policy Decision-Making for Future Climate Change” (d4PDF), which is intended to be utilized for impact assessment studies and adaptation planning for global warming.

Latest News

Jan 4, 2020: The dataset user guide (in English) is available.

Aug 20, 2018: The database release policy is revised.

Aug 10, 2018: +2K simulation data is available from DIAS.

Jul 22, 2016: Revised Manual Chapter 4.

Jun 6, 2016: All output data has been made open (Manual Chapter 4 was also revised).

May 30, 2016: Important: RCM GrADS ctl files was modified at 20:30JST, May 25, 2016.

Dec 21, 2015: d4PDF Symposium